The expert touch

Since our founding in 1977, we haven’t aimed to be the best in everything: just in nail polish.
By relying on savoir-faire, quality and creativity, we built the company into the cosmetic industry’s leading manufacturer of nail polish.

For nearly 40 years, Fiabila has refined its savoir-faire and honed its market knowledge.
We have invested in only one business, continually upgrading technology to the highest manufacturing and filling standards and incorporating leading-edge laboratory equipment.

Our commitment to quality and innovation has remained constant.
Our team is comprised of the industry’s top talents in research and development, production, color and marketing. We all share the same passion. As a result, Fiabila stands for the best formulas – a combination of breakthrough performance, exciting textures and perfect stability.

Creativity inspires us. We dream up products and collections that celebrate the subtlety and richness of color. Our inspiration is boundless, which makes it possible to create high-quality products that bring technology together with art, fashion and an understanding of French elegance.

Our customers’ success is our greatest reward.
We are honored to cultivate longstanding,
strategic partnerships with customers
through truly bespoke service.

No wonder we are the world’s reference
in nail polish.

The right formula

Fiabila’s longstanding expertise in nail polish formulation allows us to produce a highly technical nail polish with the best possible cosmetic qualities.
Our developments are based on a variety of technologies; they are constantly updated and can be made to measure:


Our wide range includes classic and patented formulas.
Solvent-free, patented, water-based emulsions offer more natural make-up.
Patented, solvent-free, VOC-free formulas; non-toxic, easy-clean, ideal for children’s products.
Color effects
Groundbreaking color effects are developed in specific formulas with different technical characteristics.


A complete and constructive response to most nail problems: water-based formulas, a new and innovative vehicle for a higher concentration of active ingredients; oils and solvent-based formulas.


Essentials in acetone-free, with acetone, oily, dip-in and cream formulas.

A real savoir-faire

The Fiabila savoir-faire extends from raw materials to finished products, whether in bulk or filled.
It is backed by significant investment in state-of-the-art equipment and a streamlined production capacity, which together offer a faster, more fluid manufacturing process.
Our nail polishes are formulated in France and produced according to an exclusive Made in Fiabila® manufacturing process that is implemented in our 11 factories across 8 major economic zones worldwide.
In addition to being highly qualified, our team of technicians has a ‘feel’ for the product – a trait that comes with many years of experience and a personal commitment to achieving the best results possible.


Color solutions
Our unique technology for the dispersion and milling of pigments is specially designed to suit our thixotropic bases and allow a superior gloss and stability of the finished product.
Thixotropic bases
Formulated without aromatic solvents, DBP, Camphor or Formaldehyde resin, these are positioned on a raw material supply chain designed to prevent cross-contamination. For that reason, our dedicated fleet of trucks delivers solvents direct to our manufacturing sites. These perfectly balanced bases are the core of our technology. Every step of production uses Fiabila-engineered equipment and processes to offer consistent quality from one batch to the next. Final color formulas are extremely fluid, high gloss and offer outstanding ease of application combined with a perfect finish.
Non-thixotropic bases
Mainly used for the development of nail care products, these are carefully formulated to be high-performance and less yellowing.
Glitter bases
Aromatic solvents-free, non-settling and perfectly adapted to a high glitter content.

Creative by nature

Innovation means always striving for higher performance: it requires talent, expertise and experience across a variety of disciplines.
The French Touch: All of our creations have that elusive blend of good taste, know-how, fashion and style combined with an innate sense of luxury.
From directional trends and cross-category inspirations - art, fashion, travel, interior design - and a keen creative instinct, we capture the best colors and effects and translate them into nail polish.
Twice yearly, a step ahead of the seasons, we present a collection of 72 new shades that reveal new emotions, illuminate new concepts and create new color stories.
Creating new colors means borrowing from the past to forecast those of tomorrow. Our groundbreaking color effects are a perfect symbiosis of rebellious materials, limited pigments, enchanting pearls and unbridled imagination.
To create an innovative product also means to make it comply entirely with worldwide cosmetic regulations.
Our savoir-faire and our passion for creativity always push us to be the best resource for international success.

A talent for quality


Quality is our main active ingredient. This applies to all research and development programs and manufacturing or filling processes.
Thanks to state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, we can constantly analyze and improve the quality of nail polish and present advanced formulations that comply with forthcoming regulations.
Using our expertise in a very specialized technology, our research teams create the concepts for tomorrow’s new products and processes. Part of our R&D strategy relies on sourcing and building on new cosmetic polymers.


Our team of 30 expert lab technicians ensures that innovation is a constant and that quality control throughout the development process results in a perfectly matched production.
Fiabila’s internal analytical methods make it possible to control every step of production, from raw materials to the finished nail polish. Our product is highly technical, safe, and offers the best cosmetic qualities available on the international market.
The implementation of approved procedures guarantees nail polish quality and the capacity to reproduce exactly and consistently every color batch in every Fiabila production site around the world.
Our Laboratory Information Management System provides complete traceability of all raw materials used in every stage of development or production. It is a safe, secure tool that offers total transparency should the need arise to trace a raw material back to its source.

A focus on safety


We are constantly vigilant about industry risks. We are committed to giving
our employees a safe environment and providing our clients with the best, safest products.
All Fiabila sites meet local and international safety assessments and conform to international standards for our activity.
The constant upgrading of our processes has resulted in optimized quality, perfect safety, traceability and diminished environmental impact.
Fiabila’s operation sites have been approved by leading international cosmetic groups.
As the only nail polish supplier in the world with 11 factories in 8 countries, Fiabila has the capacity to reallocate production or filling as necessary.
All Fiabila products are manufactured in an environment that is free of formaldehyde resin and aromatic solvents.


Our regulatory department constantly updates cosmetic approvals
for all ingredients used in our formulas. Our products comply with
the FDA, EU, Japanese Ministry of Health and Chinese regulations
and any other guidelines required by those countries where
Fiabila customers market our nail products.

All down the line

From the start, in-house filling capacities have enabled us to steer a project from start to perfect finish. We are proud to offer customers a “one-stop shop” of fully inclusive, turnkey, fast-to-market and cost-effective solutions.

At Fiabila, filling is the final step in a totally controlled manufacturing process.


In France, two sites are exclusively dedicated to filling:
The original one has fully-and semi-automated lines, providing flexibility
for all quantities per shade.
The second one has fully-automated lines, providing optimal performance
for high volume series.


Our packaging department works closely with our project managers, customers, filling department and laboratories to develop dedicated packaging.
Alternatively we purchase, quality check and deliver standard components.
Our turnkey, fast-to-market and cost-effective solutions are backed by a strong, flexible supply chain.


By implementing lean manufacturing we provide world-class production capabilities with a focus on added value and waste reduction.
Regular investment in “in-process control”, statistical and continuous process monitoring, makes it possible to achieve the best quality and meet customer expectations.


Fiabila provides comprehensive support for developing customer briefs in complete confidentiality.


Our understanding of the international cosmetic market, from specific requirements in terms of marketing to prices, positioning and benchmarking lets us focus on identifying the right product.

Our marketing team collaborates hand-in-hand with R&D and color laboratories, production, the filling section and the packaging service. Together, they analyze the optimized formulation, create the trendiest colors, and choose the most appropriate packaging for bespoke products.


Fiabila is proud of its extensive library – we have an inventory of 180,000 colors and are constantly creating new ones. We strive to continually anticipate customer needs and desires as well as to fulfill requests for specific color themes or development.
We target our offer to meet customer requirements and budgets without compromising product performance and quality.
Our nail polish ranges can be adapted locally and internationally, to any category from prestige to mass market, retail, direct sales or niche brands.
To help customers stand out in the fiercely competitive cosmetics market, we offer a range of turnkey concepts dedicated to satisfying an increasingly demanding end-user within the shortest possible timeframe.

Our world

11 factories in 8 countries mean our reach is worldwide

FRANCE: Maintenon: The company’s first production site is at the heart of all international developments.
Le Perray & Plaisir: Two sites totally dedicated to filling
USA: Mine Hill: Filling - Linden: Production
MEXICO: Tultitlan: Production
INDIA: Taloja (MUMBAI): Two sites for production & filling.
JAPAN: Iwaki: Two sites totally dedicated to filling
CHINA: Kunshan (SHANGHAI): Production & filling
BRAZIL: Sao Paolo: Production & filling

In addition to our factories, a network of local agents and sales offices
assists with international product distribution.

Offices: PARIS-France - BIRMINGHAM-UK – MILAN-Italy-
MOSCOW-Russia – WARSAW-Poland

Agents: Greece - South Africa - South Korea - Turkey

International team
Our France-based sales department is comprised of project
managers and a skilled, multi-lingual staff who are in direct
touch with customers and can provide attentive assistance
in defining and selecting products.

We have extensive experience in the export of hazardous goods,
both in bulk and filled nail polish, to customers all over the world
(90% of Fiabila France’s turnover is generated from export).


Nail PolishTimes ®

Nail polish: Fiabila inaugurates its new French production unit, a state-of-the art technological resource and the crown jewel of the company’s manufacturing facilities worldwide.

“To be the best and remain so”: Fiabila’s goal today finds its fullest expression to date in the opening of a second high-performance production unit in the company’s historic seat in the Eure-et-Loir region of France. The unit features 16 tanks dedicated to storing raw materials, four kilometers of pipeline to convey them without risk of cross-contamination, heightened computerization and security features for every step in the production process, except for coloring, an operation that remains deliberately artisanal. All of these improvements mean Fiabila can continue to ensure a nail polish offer of uncompromising pureness and performance.
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Fiabila challenges the market with a new
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