State-of-the-art jewel facilities
Automated processes

All our products are managed through a secured raw material supply chain designed to prevent cross-contamination. For that reason, our dedicated fleet of trucks delivers solvents direct to our manufacturing sites.

They are all manufactured in an environment that is free of formaldehyde resin, Dibutyl Phthalate and aromatic solvents.


Industrial jewel facility

Inaugurated end of 2015, Fiabila’s new French production unit is a state-of-the art technological resource and the crown jewel of the company’s manufacturing facilities worldwide.

The unit features 16 closed tanks dedicated to storing raw materials, 4 kilometers of pipeline to convey them without risk of cross-contamination, heightened computerization and security features at every step in the production process, except for coloring, an operation that remains deliberately artisanal.

All of these improvements mean Fiabila ensures a nail polish offer of uncompromising purity and performance.


Worldwide implementation

Fiabila’s operation sites, locally certified, have been approved by leading international cosmetic groups.

As the only nail polish supplier in the world with 11 factories in 6 countries, Fiabila has the capacity to reallocate production or filling as necessary.

The implementation of approved procedures guarantees nail polish quality and the capacity to reproduce exactly and consistently every color batch in every Fiabila production site around the world.


Respect for the environment

All Fiabila sites meet local international safety and environmental rules relevant to our industry.

Limited level of VOC emissions and optimized extraction lowers the impact on the environment.
97% of hazardous raw materials, 83% of the total waste are recycled, and 100% of industrial wastewaters are treated.

Our waste management policy promotes reusable tanks and drums and recycling of solvents for cleaning operations.

Fiabila offers nail polish and nail care formulas containing sustainable bio-sourced ingredients.



Renowned for its integrity and trustworthiness, FIABILA, favors long term partnership and perspective of development with its customers.

FIABILA Management cultivates strong human values inside the company with permanent social dialogue promotion of know-how with an internal management of competences based on merit, and condemns any discrimination or sexual misconduct.

FIABILA also promotes social responsibility outside the company through written codes of conduct which secure a commercial ethic conduct from our commercial and purchasing teams and avoid any discrimination in hiring.

FIABILA teams united around a solid identity and shared concerns about safety, working conditions and collective well-being guarantees stability on the long-run.

Ethical and social audits are carried every year by independent institutes and their reports are available for our customers on well-known platforms such as SEDEX and ECOVADIS.