Nail Polish

The Fiabila savoir-faire extends from raw materials to finished products, whether in bulk or filled.

It is backed by significant investment in state-of-the-art equipment and a streamlined production capacity, which together offer a faster, more fluid manufacturing process.

Our nail polishes are formulated in France and produced according to an exclusive Made in Fiabila® manufacturing process that is implemented in our 12 factories across 8 major economic zones worldwide.

All Fiabila products are manufactured in an environment that is free of formaldehyde resin and aromatic solvents.

Fiabila is behind the most successful reactive and natural-origin formulations on the international market.

46 new
panel-tested products
In our catalogue
Up to 100%
natural ingredients
In our natural-origin formulas
Up to 12
days wear
In our reactive formulas (panel-validated)
Up to 55%
water content
In our water-based formulas