Nail Polish

The Fiabila savoir-faire extends from raw materials to finished products, whether in bulk or filled.

It is backed by significant investment in state-of-the-art equipment and a streamlined production capacity, which together offer a faster, more fluid manufacturing process.

Our nail polishes are formulated in France and produced according to an exclusive Made in Fiabila® manufacturing process that is implemented in our 12 factories across 8 major economic zones worldwide.

All Fiabila products are manufactured in an environment that is free of formaldehyde resin and aromatic solvents.

Nitro-cellulose based, they are compliant with the latest requirements of the worldwide cosmetic regulations. Every step of production uses Fiabila-engineered equipment and processes to offer consistent quality from batch to batch.
Final color formulas are extremely fluid, high gloss and offer outstanding ease of application combined with a perfect durable finish.

Unique, providing up to 12 days salon results at home, it is the most performing in wear and durable shine.

Contrary to professional gels, it does not contain monomers.

Sun Prodigy cures under daylight and removal could not be easier: acetone-free removal without the need for soaking.

Salon Prodigy cures under a LED lamp, complies with the cosmetic regulations, wears up to 12 days and requires a specific no-soaking remover.

They offer a safer product ahead of the cosmetic regulation, avoiding the development of nitrosamines.

Real technological achievement, Fiabila managed to develop more sustainable nail polish formulas using vegetable sources for solvents, plasticizers and polymers.
These formulas reach up to 100 % natural-origin ingredients, in compliance with international ISO standard 16128.

Patented, our water-based emulsions offer a more, gentle, odor-friendly consumer experience, with an amazing liquid-gloss color. The most long-lasting ones are to be removed with a traditional remover.
Non-flammable, non-HAZMAT, best eco-friendly, logistics-simplifying nail polish alternative.

This kid-friendly water-based technology ensures the highest safety for your children’s nails, a glossy color, a comfortable application and a super easy hand-wash removal with hot water and soap.
Non-flammable, non-HAZMAT, best eco-friendly, logistics-simplifying nail polish alternative.

Patented water-based, high gloss and peel-off removal technology to create ultra-fast, ultra-shiny, ultra-gentle formulas that don’t exhale inconvenient harsh smells and odors. The wear lasts until peeled off.
Non-flammable, non-HAZMAT, best eco-friendly, logistics-simplifying nail polish alternative.

Non-settling, thanks to a unique gel technology and specific viscosity, they offer unparalleled loading capability and perfectly suspend the most challenging glitter sizes.

Unique technology for the dispersion and milling of pigments, specially designed to suit our thixotropic bases and allow a superior gloss and stability of the finished product.

Fiabila is behind the most successful reactive and natural-origin formulations on the international market.

46 new
panel-tested products
In our catalogue
Up to 100%
natural ingredients
In our natural-origin formulas
Up to 12
days wear
In our reactive formulas (panel-validated)
Up to 55%
water content
In our water-based formulas