Our Values

Excellence quest
Utmost purity
Constant Innovation


Quality is our main active ingredient. This applies to all research and development programs as well as manufacturing or filling processes.

Our team of expert lab technicians ensures that innovation is a constant and that quality control throughout the development process, results in a perfectly matched production.

Our Laboratory Information Management System provides complete traceability of all raw materials used at in every stage of development and during production. It is a secure tool that offers total transparency should the need arise to trace a raw material back to its source.


Worldwide cosmetic regulations are regularly updating their requirements with an ever-evolving demand for lower and lower levels of sensitive ingredients.

Fiabila continuously strives to be ahead of forthcoming regulations, and thanks to state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, and outside specific analysis, we constantly control and improve the purity of our nail polish.

Conscious and vigilant about industry risks, we are committed to giving our employees a safe environment and providing our clients with the best, safest, risk assessed products.


16 Active patents
200000 Colors
200 Color effects
700 Women panel

Innovation means always striving for higher performance: it requires talent, expertise and experience across a variety of disciplines.

Our team is comprised of the industry’s top talents in research and development, production, color and marketing.

In addition to being highly qualified, they have a ‘feel’ for the product – a trait that comes with many years of experience and a personal commitment to excellence that allows them to achieving the best results possible.